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Last update: 11-10-2003
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Substantia Nigra FCI

Dear schnauzers` friends,

Welcome to the web pages of our kennels breeding giant black schnauzers.

The whole history of our schnauzers began in the spring 1986 when I brought my first female schnauzer Clea {Clea od Slavníkova Hradiště} from Poděbrady. Approximately at the same time my schoolmate Stanislav Křivan took an interest in searching for his dog to be. My Clea convinced him of the fact that schnauzer was the best breed. He acquired a female called Batyra Marat and our fate was sealed.

At that time we were mainly involved in training and both of the female dogs had their efficiency trials done. Clea ZM and ZVV1, and more successful Batyra passed ZM, ZVV1-2, IPO1-3, ZPO1, ZZP1, ZLP1-2, and international RH-Fla. She was an ideal all-round dog. She brought up four litters of puppies and her descendants have been successful working dogs.

After having finished university we planned to devote ourselves not just to training but also to exhibitions so that we obtained two new female schnauzers Bena Neiro (Ogar v. Bartenwetzer + Cindy od Slavníkova Hradiště), the later champion of the Czech Republic, and Erika od Slavníkova Hradiště (Fausto v. Freifensee + Benny Ladior). Above all there was Claude Neiro, a son of the legendary Assan v.d. Rois. Unfortunately, Claude`s exterior was not absolutely perfect, on the other hand he was a great working dog. He passed ZM, IPO1, SchH 1-3, and SchHA tests. He represented the Czech Republic at the World Championship of Schnauzers twice {in 1995 and 1996}.

World Championship 1995 Eschweiller World Championship 1996 Louny

The year 1994 started very sadly. Our old female Clea and Batyra died, and what is more, we were heart broken at Erika`s tragic death. To get over this misery we acquired another giant female coming from an interesting parents {Free de Pichera and Hella v.d. Trollenhorst}, Brenda Radinie, the founder of my kennels. Brenda was successful at exhibitions (the national winner, the champion of the Czech Republic, CACIB), but notably she was very smart at training. During her short “working career” she passed ZM, ZVV1, BH, and SchH1. The following training was interupted by an insidious illness – lymphosarcom. She became a mother of three litters of puppies and most of her 19 descendants have presented themselves at exhibitions with success.

In 1999 I managed to get a puppy of the most successful breed of giant schnauzers recently – of the Russian kennels Gloris owning by Olga Seliverstova. Gloris Quelle, home called Natasha, has not just an outstanding origin but also a good-looking exterior and, mainly, an excellent working character. This predetermines her to be a perspective breeding female.

Regrettably in the last few years we have been too busy at work to train hard. Even our activities at exhibitions are concentrated on the nearest surroundings because our vet profession does not allow us to abandon our patients for a longer period of time.

Alberto Uno Substantia Nigra + Brenda Walsh Substanti Nigra

In view of our work duties we breed puppies just occasionally. The puppies grow up in care of the whole family, including our children, therefore all our dogs are very friendly to children. We observe future owners to provide our puppies with a nice home. In return we try to give advice on puppies` education or training, and to share our experience advanced in years.

Giant black schnauzers are my lifelong love and I am interested in anything that concerns this kind of schnauzers. I take an interest in pedigree, photographs, results of exhibitions, breeding books,…If you are willing to share any materials about giant schnauzers` breeding with me, I will be very pleased.